The EverStrong Profiles Advantage


The Standard

ASTM F964-13 is the go-to testing specification for vinyl fence. This standard establishes a quality threshold that all exterior vinyl profiles must meet in order to be used for agricultural, commercial, and residential fencing and railing. The EverStrong Profiles that we use at our company are covered by this specification.


EverStrong Profiles Products are made from Rigid Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) compounds for exterior-profile extrusions that exceed the requirements of ASTM Specification D4216.


EverStrong Profiles Products are manufactured to meet cell Class 3–30233–23 as defined in Specification D4216. EverStrong Profiles compounds have higher cell classification because one or more properties are superior to those used in standard acceptable compounds.

Color/Consistency Testing

The PVC compound used for extruded sections shall remain consistent in color, and show no surface or structural changes such as peeling, chipping, cracking, flaking, or pitting after being left out in a hot dry climate like Phoenix AZ; a hot humid climate like Miami FL; and a temperate northern climate at intervals of six months (for white), one year (for all colors except white) and two years (for all colors).

Weathering Testing

The PVC compound must be able to withstand a minimum impact of 0.6 in.-lb/mil (2670 J/m) after being exposed to six months and one year worth of extreme weather conditions such as those found in Phoenix, AZ; Miami, FL; and a temperate northern climate. This shall be done through testing the PVC compound in accordance with ASTM Perfor- mance Weathering Requirements. The sample size for this test needs to have been successfully weathered for six months at each climatic testing site prior to use in the production of exterior profile extrusions in order to pass the ASTM Performance Weathering Requirements (TABLE 1).

Quality Assurance

Your EverStrong Profiles Products go through dimensional tests at the start of each production run, and every two hours after that. This includes flattening tests, extrusion quality checks, impact resistance measurements, warping evaluations, color comparisons with standard color samples, capstock thickness readings, and bond testing. We do all this at the beginning of each production shift to make sure your product is perfect.

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