EverStrong Profiles are backed by over 50 years experience in the fence business as a manufacturer and distributor. We have been in the vinyl fence fabrication business since 1996, and with this knowledge we expanded into extrusion. 

Our profiles are extruded in a plant with the most technologically advanced systems in the industry, some of the most seasoned people in extrusion worldwide, and a complete unparalelled quality control lab. 

All EverStrong Profiles are inventoried in stock lengths in Classic White, Classic Beige, Classic Gray, and Classic Clay all the time. They are available to ship as soon as your order is placed. The only lead time on stock lengths of profiles is giving your address to our carrier. 

All EverStrong Profiles are manufactured to rigid specifications using only the best compounds available in the market. 

All EverStrong Profiles and Accessories are tested and compliant to ASTM as well as our own, more strict specifications. 

All EverStrong® Profiles are manufactured to rigid specifications using only the best compounds available in the market.

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Brand new EverStrong Profile coming off the extrusion line


EverStrong Profiles are American-Made. Why does this matter?

Assurance of quality: One of the primary benefits of choosing American-made vinyl fence and railing is the assurance of quality. American vinyl manufacturing standards are some of the highest in the world, ensuring that products made in the U.S. meet strict quality control measures. The materials used in the production are equally as important as the production itself. When vinyl fence or railing is made in America, you can be confident that it will meet your expectations for quality and durability. 

Strict quality control measures: American manufacturers are subject to strict quality control measures, ensuring that products meet the highest production standards. All Illusions and EverStrong brand products, for example, meet or exceed ASTM F964 specifications. 

Trusted brand names with strong warranties: Many American-made vinyl fence and railing products are produced by well-known and trusted brand names that offer warranties on their products’ longevity. This gives contractors and property owners added peace of mind.  

Supporting the local economy: When you choose American-made products, this results in a positive impact to the economy. You are supporting local businesses and investing in the success of your community. 

Creating jobs: Choosing American-made vinyl fence and railing creates and sustains jobs, both where the products are manufactured as well as with local businesses who work on the project. More and more municipalities and government agencies are specifying domestically produced and sourced American-made materials for installation. 

Environmental responsibility: American manufacturers are subject to strict environmental regulations which helps to minimize the impact of production on the environment. Additionally, 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl American-made vinyl fence and railing products like the Illusions line are more likely to be recyclable at the end of their lifespan, making them a more environmentally friendly choice. 

Customization and specifications: Vinyl fence and railing products made in the U.S. offer greater customization and availability options. With a wide range of styles, designs, and colors to choose from, contractors can easily find a product that meets their project’s specific needs and preferences. 

Quick availability: American-made products are typically available more quickly, as they do not have to be shipped from overseas, meaning you can receive your order faster and start your project sooner. For example, most styles of Illusions Vinyl Fence products are in stock and ship immediately when the order is received.  

There are many benefits of buying American. The list above is just a closer look at some of them. From quality assurance to environmental responsibility, American-made products provide contractors and property owners with peace of mind and a range of options to meet their specific needs and preferences. Whatever your project, American-made vinyl fence and railing is the best choice for a durable, high-quality, and eco-friendly product. 


Not all vinyl fence brands are created equal. You have to take the time to ask some important questions of your fence installation company or distributor;  

  • Are they using domestically sourced American-made products? 
  • What is the warranty information? 
  • Do their products show up with packaging from your trusted American brands? 

You can always be assured that when you get EverStrong Profiles components, that you’re getting a domestically produced product. 

Results of EverStrong weather testing vs. competitor
450 hours = approx. 4-5 years
1,000 hours = approx. 10 years

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